A BDC is ultimately about the people inside, the ones who make the calls, answer the phones and drive the business forward.

Yet having the right tools can deliver a huge boost to each agent’s effectiveness and productivity. Blueprint uses several proprietary technology tools to improve the accuracy and efficiency of its clients’ agents. Each was built to incorporate them into key processes for which they were designed. They include:

Blueprint’s ultra-fast BDC Accelerator™

Blueprint’s ultra-fast BDC Accelerator™ power dialer will change outbound calling campaigns forever:

  • Dial 5 Xs faster than manual dialing
  • Leave perfect pre-recorded custom voicemail without listening to theirs
  • Send custom emails and videos with every call
  • Comprehensive reporting with ROI metrics
  • Client campaign management and advanced search capabilities

CallRater™ monitors

CallRater™ monitors, tracks and measures call handling and performance to ensure your associates are consistently maximizing revenue opportunities.

The CallRater package includes:

  • Call Monitoring and Grading
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Hot Alerts: Email or Text
  • Call Coaching and Accountability Tracker

Blueprint’s Knowledge Drive™

Blueprint’s KnowledgeDrive™ is the industry’s only knowledge base software that provides 100s of answers to customizable dealership FAQs, providing agents the ability to quickly solve issues that might otherwise go to the Service Drive.

KnowledgeDrive™ will:

  • Reduce calls to Service Advisors
  • Reduce average handle time
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Allow the Service Advisors quality time with guests in the drive
  • Easily convert price shoppers

With 25 years of experience helping dealers setup and run their service BDCs, we know exactly how to design, staff, operate, measure and refine yours.
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