The KPIs Every Service BDC Should Measure

In order for your BDC agents to maximize their performance at work, there are several KPIs and metrics your management team should consider. Not only will this help you understand your employees’ work ethic and potential work areas, but in the long-run it can translate into significant profit for your dealership. Here is a list of the important KPIs every BDC should be measuring:

  • Call Quality Score
  • Total Inbound Calls 
  • Total Outbound Calls
  • Average Calls Per Day
  • Inbound Appointments Created 
  • Outbound Appointments Created
  • Completed Appointments 
  • Show Ratio 

There are also many advanced KPIs that focus on more specific aspects of every conversation and call with a client. These are especially useful when studying the different outcomes of inbound and outbound calls:

  • Abandoned Call Rate
  • Average Speed of Answer
  • Status Calls
  • Average Talk Time
  • Transfer Out Percentage
  • Turn Downs
  • Total Login Time Per Day per Agent
  • Inbound/Outbound Close Ratio

When these metrics are implemented for your BDC, you’ll find it easier to set your goals, improve the customer experience, and reach success. 

If your dealership is struggling to implement the proper process and hire the right people for your BDC, we can help. Contact us to learn more.