Designed by industry veterans; measured with data

For the past 25 years, Blueprint has been run by a team of professionals with a passion for improving the customer experience. Our team of industry experts has more than 150 years of combined experience in dealerships and call centers, and we’ve helped more than 1,000 dealers optimize their inbound and outbound communications, primarily by improving the effectiveness of their BDCs. By applying our proven assessment, coaching and measurement techniques, we drive significant efficiency, CSI and profitability improvements in just a few months.

“Blueprint has shared their insights and suggestions during these trying times as we all learned to do business differently during the pandemic. It’s a relief to have them as a business partner and we appreciate all of the guidance they have provided to our Service BDC.”

Jennifer Nam, Appointment Coordinator Manager, Penske Motor Group

We staff every client project with the right number and type of experts required for you to achieve success. This will typically include:

Project Managers

Every Blueprint client is assigned a dedicated Project Manager who oversees all aspects of the BDC engagement from the initial implementation through SalesMastery and ServiceMastery™ Certification.
Your Project Manager will facilitate:

  • Proper phone system configuration including phone queue and advanced reporting
  • DMS / CRM utilization including teams, capacities and campaigns
  • Logistic arrangement of the BDC room
  • Inbound and outbound calling strategies that are unique to the industry
  • Create detailed Policies and Procedures Manual and job descriptions

Recruiting Managers

Hiring the right team is a crucial part of the BDC. It is the number one factor that leads to either the success or failure of this department. When it comes to attracting, screening and interviewing BDC candidates, our team of experts will get the best people on your team. As career professionals who understand every aspect of the business, Recruiting Managers handle every step of the process:

  • Targeted online recruiting
  • Stringent candidate assessments
  • In-depth screening and interview process
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Replacement guarantee

Client Performance Managers

We are proud to employ one of the most seasoned training teams in the business. Our Client Performance Managers have decades of experience in automotive and large multinational call centers, possessing the knowledge and hands on experience to lead your BDC team to mastery. Our trainers guide your team through every step of SalesMastery™ and ServiceMastery™ Certification curriculum and teach the phone skills necessary to secure more appointments and provide an experience that creates loyalty.
ServiceMastery™ Training Includes:

  • Deliver in-dealership SalesMastery™ & ServiceMastery™ Certification Training
  • Provide on-site “Go Live” Support
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Conduct BDC Manager Certification Training
  • Hold monthly executive meetings to assess Dealer Action Plans

Peak Performance Consultants: The CANI Team

Many training companies can help you launch a Service BDC, but a Blueprint BDC is designed around ongoing support so your team will consistently perform at the highest level. Our Constant-And-Never-Ending-Improvement (CANI) team ensures that your BDC manager is utilizing the skills required to create lasting, measurable results. They also provide weekly & monthly BDC performance analysis and drive leadership development initiatives including:

  • Monthly ‘State of the Department’ meeting with your executive team
  • Monthly one-on-one meeting with your BDC manager
  • Coaching / marketing strategies and ongoing skill development
  • Monthly leadership development webinar
  • Monthly outbound strategy development webinar

With 25 years of experience helping dealers setup and run their service BDCs, we know exactly how to design, staff, operate, measure and refine yours.
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