Dealers leave $millions on the table by not realizing the potential of their service department

As vehicles last longer and the aftermarket becomes increasingly competitive, having an effective and profitable service department is more important than ever. Average dealership service retention is well below 50%, so dealers can dramatically improve their financial performance simply by retaining more customers.

A Service BDC is presented with more sales opportunities than any other department in the dealership. With as many as 600 ‘price shoppers’ calling per month, how your team handles these calls can make the difference between your dealership growing or contracting.

Smart dealers know this and invest in a BDC to drive both new and repeat business, giving customers a concierge experience while letting the advisors and techs do their jobs without constant interruption. It’s critical that dealers make it as easy as possible to continue servicing at the dealer, both to drive ongoing service revenue and because customers who service at a dealership are more than twice as likely to purchase their next vehicle from that dealership.


If you’re not consistently creating at least 10% of your repair orders from outbound calling campaigns, you’re leaving money on the table. The service BDC has the potential to generate up to $1,000,000 in annual sales from outbound calling alone. This is the only department that can dramatically increase revenue and retention on that scale.

Blueprint has helped hundreds of successful dealers establish and optimize their service BDCs with ServiceMastery™. A ServiceMastery™ BDC maximizes agent productivity while giving every customer timely, effective communications that maximize their likelihood of having a great experience, posting a positive review and returning for future visits.

ServiceMastery™ helps dealerships:

  • Increase their RO count
  • Significantly improve CSI and retention
  • Develop strong client loyalty
  • Drive higher revenue and profitability

The ServiceMastery™ program incorporates the latest technology tools to ensure every BDC is operating at its full potential.



Monitors, tracks and measures call handling and performance to ensure your associates are consistently maximizing revenue opportunities.


BDC Accelerator

Ultra fast power dialer leaves perfect pre-recorded custom voicemail while the agent efficiently moves on to make the next call.



The industry’s only knowledge base software that provides hundreds of answers to your dealership FAQs, providing agents the ability to quickly solve issues that might otherwise go to a service advisor.

“Because of Blueprint, we are seamlessly scheduling Service appointments that fully utilize our capacity levels, and we consistently hold our BDC team accountable for the results we seek.”

Mike Burrell, Service Director, JM Lexus

With 25 years of experience helping dealers setup and run their service BDCs, we know exactly how to design, staff, operate, measure and refine yours.
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