Turbocharge your new & used sales production

Selling new and used vehicles is the lifeblood of your dealership’s financial health. Most shoppers begin their investigation of a vehicle they found online with a phone call. With advertising expenses of more than $600 per vehicle retailed, it’s expensive to get the phone to ring.

Shoppers calling a dealer are further into the buying cycle than any other prospects. A poorly handled incoming call can turn off a customer and lose a deal before a salesperson answers a single question. Having a well trained sales agent answering each call ensures these valuable opportunities are handled properly.


Implementing the right BDC processes for both incoming and outgoing calls is critical to maintaining consistent, high quality customer engagement. And, with dealers now buying hundreds or even thousands of Internet leads monthly, properly setting up your Internet sales processes is crucial for maximizing revenue. SalesMastery™ also shows dealers how to turbocharge their sales by mining the huge base of clients stored in their CRM and DMS solutions.

With SalesMastery™, we train every member of the team to establish proper techniques designed to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness with inbound and outbound calls. Daily, weekly and monthly KPIs are created in collaboration with the dealer and a proper measurement of the “steps to the appointment”. And the results speak for themselves.

Top SalesMastery™ clients see an increase of 51% in units sold via the BDC!

Blueprint has helped hundreds of successful dealers establish and optimize their sales BDCs. SalesMastery™ ensures every customer is treated in a helpful, timely manner that maximizes their likelihood of booking test drive, maintaining engagement and closing a sale.

SalesMastery™ is designed to help dealerships:

  • Maximize their return on advertising spend
  • Provide prospects with an informative, confidence-building experience
  • Convert a high percentage of conversations into appointments and showroom traffic
  • Optimize BDC policies, processes and procedures
  • Increase the dealership’s sales and profits while driving retention

Along with our SalesMastery™ program, we employ the latest technology tools to ensure your BDC is operating at its full potential.



Monitors, tracks and measures call handling and performance to ensure your associates are consistently maximizing revenue opportunities.


BDC Accelerator

Ultra fast power dialer leaves perfect pre-recorded custom voicemail while the agent efficiently moves on to make the next call.



The industry’s only knowledge base software that provides hundreds of answers to your dealership FAQs, providing agents the ability to quickly solve issues that might otherwise go to a service advisor.

“We made a big investment and commitment to building a strong Sales Client Care Center and we all know that without the right people that would be impossible. The Blueprint SalesMastery™ team has helped us secure 3rd place in our region and place #23 out of the TOP 25 Volkswagen dealerships IN THE COUNTRY. We also WON OUR AREA! The experience with Blueprint and especially the SalesMastery™ trainer, Jason West, has been uplifting, motivating and producing results.”

Frank Maher, General Manager, Trend Motors

With 25 years of experience helping dealers setup and run their service BDCs, we know exactly how to design, staff, operate, measure and refine yours.
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