Finding the right talent is half the battle. We’re here to help.

A BDC cannot achieve a high level of performance without the right people to operate it. Recruiting “superstars” is not easy for the average dealership, who must have a comprehensive understanding of call center KPIs, training, coaching and employee development strategies. Finding competent, trainable and loyal employees with a growth mindset can be the biggest challenge a dealer faces when seeking to establish or upgrade a BDC.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if you’re ready to recruit a top tier BDC team:

  • Do I have the call center management experience that will help me ask the right questions?
  • Do I have a clear understanding of which KPIs are most important?
  • Can I easily identify a “pretender” and a “contender” in the interview process?
  • Will I make my selection based on call center expertise or will I fill the position based on immediate need and hope for the best?

Blueprint has helped hundreds of successful dealers identify, recruit and hire all types of BDC professionals, from agents to managers. We know what to look for in each position, where the best candidate are found and how to recruit them into our clients’ opportunities. Our team of professional recruiters supports the efforts of our Sales and Service BDC engagements, placing hundreds of BDC employees with our clients. We also perform specialized recruitment services for former and future clients needing help with key staffing needs.

“Blueprint’s Recruiting team was fabulous. I felt they took ownership in the recruiting process. The applicants were screened and filtered to the point we were only interviewing the best of the best. Great Job!”

James Seale,  Variable Operations Director – Southwest Kia Dealer Group

If you want an elite Service or Sales BDC, it starts with building a dynamic team. With over 1000 successful hires, we are experts at recruiting the most qualified candidates in the industry.

Not hiring for your BDC? We also recruit for the following positions:

  • Receptionist
  • Cashier
  • Sales Manager/Associate
  • Service Advisor
  • Parts Manager/Associate

With 25 years of experience helping dealers setup and run their service BDCs, we know exactly how to design, staff, operate, measure and refine yours.
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