Lexus of West Kendall

Dealer Success Stories: Lexus of West Kendall

Service BDC Spotlight

“For over 4 years, we have been working hand-in-hand with Blueprint and have continuously seen the BDC processes implemented pay off in bottom line Service Department gains.

In February, we were thrilled to have a 53% increase (YoY) in outbound revenue alone, totalling just over $144,500.00, all generated directly from our Service BDC team. Our Repair Order Count also increased by 14.5% and our Dollars per Repair Order increased by almost 22%.

The Blueprint team has been committed to excellence from the very beginning of our partnership and does everything possible to help us succeed, month after month. I am happy to say, without hesitation and from our experience, Blueprint knows how to help a dealership build and maintain an exceptional Service BDC that will deliver results time and time again!”

Danny NievesService Director, Lexus of West Kendall



Total Repair Order Dollars
YOY Increase


Customer Pay Repair Order Dollars
YOY Increase


Warranty Repair Order Dollars
YOY Increase


Outbound Revenue Generated
YOY Increase

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