I-10 Toyota

Dealer Success Stories: I-10 Toyota

Service BDC Spotlight

“Signing up with Blueprint’s ServiceMastery certification program last year was the best move that money could buy. The hands-on approach was taken by our Blueprint Client Performance Manager has made a noticeable impact on the professional growth of each member in our BDC. We have watched our Service BDC become an efficient team that has learned how to not only make phone calls but build relationships through engagement. 

I can proudly say that our team has experienced a 186% increase (YOY 2019) in appointments that showed and a 172% increase (YOY 2019) in appointments scheduled, all because we now understand how and when to schedule each appointment to maximize our opportunities. Breaking our previous Service department record is great, but it’s seeing the confidence, satisfaction, and pride our team now has in the customer service we offer, that has been our biggest accomplishment.

Since starting with Blueprint, our Service BDC has become the main hub of our Fixed Operations team, and this was the missing piece for us in the past. I highly recommend Blueprint to anyone that is looking for the missing component in turning the corner to greater success and profitability.”

Stephen HillService Director, I-10 Toyota



Increase in Completed Appointments
(April 2021 Vs April 2019)


Increase in Appointments Scheduled
(April 2021 Vs April 2019)


Increase in Dollars per Repair Order
(April 2021 Vs April 2019)


Increase in Hours per Repair Order
(April 2021 Vs April 2019)


Increase in Revenue per Repair Order
(April 2021 Vs April 2019)

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