Claremont Toyota

Dealer Success Stories: Claremont Toyota

Service BDC Spotlight

“We launched our Service BDC in February 2021 with Blueprint’s ServiceMastery™ certification training and have begun, what I believe will be, an incredible journey for our dealership.

Our Service Department has already experienced increases of over 30% in Repair Order Count and Service Gross, and almost 20% gains in Dollars per RO, a phenomenal achievement considering it’s our BDC’s first full month in action!

The professional training, processes and support we have received from the Blueprint team has been exceptional, and with their help, I fully expect to see my team surpass our 2021 Fixed Operations goals.”

Brad Pringle General Manager, Claremont Toyota



Total Repair Order Dollars
YOY Increase


Customer Pay Repair Order Dollars
YOY Increase


Warranty Repair Order Dollars
YOY Increase

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