Service Client Care Manager

Work Location: ServiceClient Care Center (CCC)
Reports To: Service Director / Manager / FOD

Description of Position:

The Client Care Manager (CCM) is the manager of the Service Client Care Center. The main drivers of this position are the CCM’s ability to master the telephone scripts and word tracks on how to effectively handle all inbound service calls and conduct outbound marketing and follow up calls. The CCM must also have the ability to teach, coach and train the Service Coordinators on telephone techniques that will lead to improving CSI and creating additional reservations for the Service Department. The CCM must be able to effectively manage the Automotive Dealership / Group’s service reservation processes and be able to track department productivity by evaluating reports, creating policy and procedures and ensuring that all daily tasks are being completed by the Service Coordinators. The CCM must possess outstanding communications and interpersonal skills, the ability to master the telephone appointment process including all inbound & outbound scripts and word tracks. The CCM must have strong leadership and organizational expertise, be an effective supervisor and conduct themselves in a professional manner.To complete ServiceMastery™ certification training, the Client Care Manager must pass certification testing with a minimum score of 85%. Client Care Managers must attend 100% of the certification training, which is five consecutive days. During the first 6 weeks of training, a Client Care Manger must not miss more than 1 day for any reason.

Organizational Relationships:

The Client Care Manager will report directly to the Service Director / Manager/FOD

Primary Job Responsibilities:

  • Taking all overflow inbound service calls to ensure that all calls are answered in a timely manner. This includes handling all calls whenever there are calls in the queue for greater than 30 seconds.
  • Taking “turns” from SCs when they are faced with a challenging phone call.
  • Conducting daily / weeklytraining sessions with SCs regarding inbound and outbound calling strategies. This includes listening to recorded calls from CallRater™ telephone performance and playing those phone calls for the SCs in a positive feedback session.
  • Overseeing the trackingof daily and weekly Key Performance Indicators of inbound and outbound calling campaigns & delegating mundane activates to other team members in order to achieve the desirable results.
  • Maintaining current knowledge of all dealership service specials including email marketing campaigns, mailers, newspaper, and any other forms of media advertising. This responsibility also includes training all SCs on the above-mentionedareas.
  • Creating and administering “knowledge tests” on a weekly basis.
  • Ensuring that all SCs understand and follow CCC policies and procedures at all times
  • Monitoring the Service CRM software for consistency and accuracy in scheduling.
  • Ensuring that the SCs are using the “knowledge” forms after they have to transfer a phone call to an advisor. Collecting all “knowledge” forms on a weekly basis and then meeting with the service managers to find the answers to those questions. Training the SCs on those new word tracks.
  • Producing the weekly/monthly schedule for all SCs.
  • Assisting with the recruiting, staffing, and training of Service -Client Care personnel.
  • Setting daily work agendas and priorities for CCC personnel and ensuring that those work agendas are followed.
  • Working closely with all Client Care Supervisors, Service Managers, and Fixed Ops Director by keeping them informed of all activities, opportunities and challenges.
  • Any additional responsibilities requested by dealership management


  • Being able to master all aspects of the Service Coordinator job description (see SC Job Description)
  • Ability to lead the department by example. This means taking “turns” from SCs on more difficult type of service calls, mastering new calling scripts and being an expert on all word tracks.
  • Becoming an expert with the ServiceCRM software and ensuring that the department maintains an “ACCEPTABLE” or higher telephone evaluations score from CallRater™ telephone evaluation system