Sales Client Care Manager

Work Location: Sales Client Care Center (CCC)
Reports To: General Manager/General Sales Manage

Description of Position:

Client Care Managers spend 80% of their time engaging our Client Care Specialists in side by side coaching sessions, daily team huddles and one on one performance meetings. The environment is fast paced and the job can be demanding so CCMs are always looking for new and creative ways to keep their team members motivated and engaged to achieve aggressive goals. CCMs spend 10% of their time on the phone to handle inbound overflow and escalated calls flawlessly (except for the first 30 days in which you spend 50% of your time in the rotation to take phone calls) They thrive on team development and capitalize on every opportunity to coach, instruct and improve team performance. Their team members respect and trust them to handle each coaching session with respect, honest feedback and collaboration while holding every team member accountable to the expected results. Client Care Managers will be responsible for team member engagement, exceeding all sales productivity work, culture improvements, and sales department goals. The best candidate will have a strong sense of urgency and the ability to improve operational efficiency through process assessment. Other critical factors for this role include great problem-solving skills and the ability to think outside the box to resolve customer issues.

Organizational Relationships:

The Client Care Manager will report directly to the General Manager.

Performance Objectives:

The following are the performance objectives for this position. In assessing competency and fit, all candidates will be benchmarked against these standards.

  1. Takes inbound sales calls.An excellent Client Care Manager understands that inbound calls are the number one priority and proactively manages real time systems to quickly identify when clients are waiting in the queue for 30 seconds or longer then leads by example by adhering to the call guide flawlessly. They also demonstrate that they are experts when handling escalated callers with care and commitment to providing excellent service. They do this while managing an aggressive coaching schedule, completing administrative tasks andresponding to the Sales Manager requests.
  2. Consistently coaches Client Care Specialists.Ahigh performing Client Care Manager spends 80% of their time coaching. They quickly establish a coaching infrastructure designed to have a lasting impact that is delivered consistently. Able to analyze KPIs to identify underlying performance strengths and weaknesses for each team member. Create targeted coaching that focuses on the team member’s individual needs and sets specific measurable action items to address the underlying issues. They provide timely follow up and reinforcement to ensure desired results are attained. The most successful CCMs actively listen to how the team members perform and seize every opportunity to provide immediate recognition, feedback, advice and extra training.They manage performance by providing daily, weekly and monthly KPI statistics and conduct one on one coaching to ensure team members have the skills to do the job. Set expectations that each team member actively monitors CallRater™ on a daily basis. Listensto recordings of both high and low scores with every Client Care Rep.
  3. Recruits and retains top talent.Great managers seek out diverse talent and know how to recruit candidates that have excellent customer service skills, tech-savvy and the ability to absorb large amounts of information about the products and services offered. Able to identify qualities such as self-motivation, organizational skills and ability to multi-task. An excellent Client Care Manager will be able to retain employees by providing a supportive nurturing environment that is fun and exciting while helping the Client Care Rep achieve maximum job satisfaction and earning potential. Delivers ongoing recognition and builds motivating contests to engage team members.
  4. Trains new hires and provides ongoing support.Dedicated Client Care Managers train, coach, inspect and enforce adherence to the call guide. Provides training to all new team members that will give them the information and skills they need to set reservations, sell, accurately address customer inquiries and efficiently navigate systems to access information and correctly process transactions. Teach the team members to interact with the clients professionally that will inspire confidence and deliver an excellent customer experience. An excellent Client Care Manager is proactive and seeks out knowledge and continually tests the knowledge of their team members that will foster ongoing learning and development.
  5. Works effectively with a diverse team.The best Client Care Managers provide the inspiration, leadership and strategic direction required to meet/exceed the quality, revenue and efficiency goals of the department. They are quick to assist other team members. They encourage others when they are having a bad day and offer suggestions when a team member is struggling with any part of their job. They enjoy camaraderie in the office and naturally reach out to the people around them. They actively learn from others.
  6. Becomes the subject matter expert.The elite Client Care Center Manager is known as a “go to” person. They learn quickly and develop an “expert” level understandingthe products, services and organizational procedures for processing customer reservations and answering customer inquiries. Demonstrates initiative, updates product/service knowledge constantly, seeks out and implements best practices. Understands key selling features and benefits and follows all inbound and outbound call guides flawlessly that will be graded in CallRater.
  7. Masters computer systems.Quickly masters navigation through computer systems including the Knowledge Drive, customer transaction screens, customer history, pricing and CallRater, DMS, OEM Portals, phone ACD and accounting systems. Searches quickly and efficiently for information using multiple web-based programs and is adept at changing windows quickly. Efficiently manages all programs related to call accounting software. Gathers data from multiple sources and presents the information in a clean and concise manner in order to publish department and team member KPIs. An excellent Client Care Manager is proficient with Microsoft excel, word and power point and is able to produce reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis with little supervision.
  8. Fosters inter-departmental relationships. In many cases the Client Care Center Manger will have multiple supervisors. They will be required to have regularly scheduled meetings that will promote a team approach to addressing challenges and promote knowledge. Seek out shadowing opportunities to expand product knowledge. Have a system or process in place to document “What’s not Perfect Yet?”. Schedule joint staff meetings and training sessions to discuss strategies and product knowledge. Promote the use of instant messaging programs to ensure open communication at all times. Take time to recognize staff contributions that have made a positive impact. Challenge staff to be an example of professional behavior toward colleagues.

Client Care Center Manager Requirements:

  • After completing SalesMastery™ certification, CCM will be expected to take calls for a minimum of 4 hours per day for the first 30 days
  • Committed to achieving mastery pertaining to all aspects of the Client Care Rep job description
  • Ability to lead the department by example. This means taking turns from CCSs on more difficult types of Sales calls, mastering all call guides and being an expert on all strategic responses
  • An expert using the Sales CRM software, DMS, OEM portals, phone ACD and accounting system
  • Ensures that the department maintains an “ACCEPTABLE” or higher telephone evaluations score from CallRater™
  • Provides ongoing and consistent performance based coaching with each team member
  • Advanced level in Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point
  • Provides daily/weekly/monthly KPIs to Client Care Specialists, Manager and Blueprint personnel